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    Started in 2012, Athletic Awareness aims to bring thoughtful and in-depth coverage to the biggest stories in sports and pop culture. Featuring three FSU students, the site will also focus on all things in the world of Seminole athletics. So bookmark the page and follow us on Twitter for daily updates. I hope you enjoy and spread the word!
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The Big Picture

  Recruiting is a special time of year for college football fans. Like college football’s actual season, there are hotly argued rankings, but no scores to definitively define one school a winner and the other the loser. Everyone wins come the first Wednesday in February: hundreds of over-exploited, 17/18 year old high school students capture … Continue reading

NBA Week 5 Power Rankings

It’s been a busy week in the NBA and a lot of teams have moved positions. Miami overtakes Chicago for the number one spot after Sunday’s fantastic showdown in which Miami prevailed at home by just four points. The Bulls have to like the way they played, especially with Luol Deng out. Oklahoma City slips … Continue reading

1/25/12 – Podcast

We recorded the first episode of the Athletic Awareness podcast  this week, and it is now edited and pretty-ified for your aural pleasure. Download/Stream: Soundcloud Or just download: Mediafire And if you missed it earlier this week Ben posted on the state of the NBA union and put up his power rankings. Take a minute to … Continue reading

State of the NBA Union

Barack Obama and Lebron James have both struggled with maintaining public support through their careers. Many of the same hopes that fans put in the young LeBron were passed on to Obama in 2008; a young, fairly inexperienced, charismatic, African-American that will be able to do the impossible. As of now though, the economy and … Continue reading

NBA Week 4 Power Rankings

The East leads the way early with the top three spots. Chicago has the league’s best record, but the injury bug has plagued them. Recently Luol Deng caught it and now could be out for a considerable amount of time. This injury could be devastating for a team with few other go-to options on offense … Continue reading

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